Hermit Crab


Hermit Crab

–WIP– (this blog is currently under development)

Some people have a Spirit Animal. That creature who’s personality matches their soul.
Maybe it’s a sloth, or lion or ostrich. Many sports teams have a mascot. The visual embodiment of the teams strength, tenacity or history.

I have a career animal.
It’s a Hermit Crab.

Care to guess why?

I’ve worked at a lot of jobs. I’ve held a lot of roles.
I’ve succeeded and I’ve failed. I’ve felt like an impostor and a guru.

When ever I’ve felt the comfort of my position, I’d become aware of it. As nice and cozy as it felt, I recognized it was limiting my growth.

A hermit crab grows into their shell until they feel it. Then they go out and find a new shell to grow into. That shell they select may not fit well at first. Effort to grow needs to be made.

I don’t doubt that I’m able to solve problems and add value to any position I’m in. I recognize that I may need to learn more to do it.
There is knowledge others have acquired. Tools and models to refine focus. Experiments and hypothesis to challenge.

It’s not comfortable and doesn’t always feel good. Seldom have I regretted it.

So now, when a new opportunity presents itself to me, I know it’s the one I want to take because it gives me an opportunity to learn.

Knowing how I want to grow and where I want to go is another topic entirely.
The Hermit Crab just helps me with the first step of walking away from what’s comfortable an into growth.