DevOpsDaysDsm - Sphere Of Control


DevOpsDaysDsm - Sphere Of Control

Sphere Of Control: Techniques To Tackle TechDebt Today

Elevator Pitch “Things are the way they are because they got that way”, Gerry Weinberg tells us. But what if they weren’t that way? What would need to happen for that to be true?

This talk is for leaders, product owners, scrum masters and developers who know things can be better, but are not sure how to get there.

We explored why things got this way and explore real practices which can show improvements immediately.

Description Improvements can be hard to implement. In many environments, it’s easy to see all of the reasons why that can’t happen. Leaders are frustrated with their teams and the teams in their leaders.

Environments, Expectations and Engagement all contribute to this.

Break free. We’ll review why things are this way and exemplify improvements with ““5 Techniques to Tackle your Tech Debt Today””.

Increase your Sphere of Control. Increase it for those who need it most.